CILP is currently registering as a Section 501(c)(3) charity in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Its principle purpose is the promotion of peaceful, just and fair political and trade relations between different peoples, nations, countries, and regions around the world, with a particular focus on democracy, justice, human rights, rule of law, and economic and social development in Central- and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central and South-East Asia.

For this purpose, CILP will:

a) Build up a network of academics and other experts in order to provide consulting services for free or at cost to non-profit organizations and governmental and intergovernmental organizations;

b) Organize or co-organize or sponsor conferences dealing with questions related to international relations, international law, international trade, and specifically the promotion of rule of law, democracy, and development in various parts of the world;

c) Publish working papers, scholarly books, journals or contributions to any of these on the topics listed above and make them available to an international audience for free or at cost;

d) provide country specific and regional risk assessment reports to non-profit organizations and governmental and intergovernmental organizations for free or at cost;

e) And, through its Academy of International Law and Politics, develop academic research and study programs at the post-graduate and doctoral level, either in co-operation with accredited non-profit educational institutions or on its own, whereby participation in such programs shall be offered to participants from transitional and developing countries for free or below cost and for participants from developed countries below or at cost;

f) And seek private and public sponsoring for its activities to be able to include a wide variety of participants and beneficiaries regardless of their financial ability to cover all or most of the cost of their participation in CILP activities and programs.


We expect the registration to be completed by July 2011 and seek financial support for our various activities. In particular, CILP is looking for office space or a building where several offices, a classroom, a small library, and ideally several studios for visiting faculty can be accommodated.

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