Annual fund: We invite you to support the CILP Annual Fund. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide a pool of critical unrestricted funds that support CILP daily operations, supporting ongoing activities from the research and analysis of the think tank to national and international programming and outreach. Finally The Annual Fund provides support for new initiatives each year.

Corporate Giving: Corporate gifts can be designated to support current research projects, meeting series, programs, fellowships, and chairs. The program provides a unique annual forum for business and social- political leaders to interact on live with thinkers and practitioners in government, policy, international relations, international private and public law, academia, and business experts that currently support the CILP work.

Named Chairs, centers, fellowships, programs or meetings.

The Center for Global affairs is a central objective for the CILP with a specific graduate Studies Program. Named and endowed chairs and fellowships, by providing long-term support, help CILP to maintain an intellectually rigorous and independent research agenda with a number of national and international experts.

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