Lines for Peace is a non-commercial book publisher project, strongly based on the idea that every child, every person, deserves an education and access to inspiring stories, to improve their lives, to thrive and fulfil their potential, and to benefit the world.

Designed by Spanish author Suso Mourelo, Lines for Peace will publish four titles every year, starting 2017. The books will combine stories of both hope and encouragement. The editorial board will choose universal and diverse stories that can be enjoyed, everywhere, by readers of all ages.

The stories will be selected among books from any time, any country, and any language, but always inhabited by the thoughts of peace and solidarity. Lines for Peace will rescue these stories that were written not only to be read but to transform one’s life.

Every book will be published in a bilingual edition, in English and another language, depending on the countries where the title will be distributed. Night on the Milky Way Train', by Kenji Miyazawa, a classic Japanese fantasy novel and a tribute to those who give themselves to others, will be the first title of the series. Published in English and in Spanish, this book will be distributed, without cost, to public schools and libraries in Latin America and the United States, and to educational and non-governmental institutions in Japan.


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